Save the date! 2022 KAK Conference

Krimes Against Kids Conference

The FNCAC will hold its 2022 Florida Krimes Against Kids Conference July 18-20, 2022 at the Coronado Springs Resort, Disney.

We are interested in proposals that range from basic to in-depth. Proposals will need to be submitted by January 25, 2023. Final decisions on workshop proposals will take place by the end of February, 2023. For further information, please contact the FNCAC at (850) 443-6887 or email Jim Jolley at



$375/person for in-person registration
$300/person for virtual registration

Conference room rate is $150/night


The FNCAC will be provided a rebate for each hotel room paid for by conference attendees



“Quotable Quotes” from 2020 Krimes Against Kids Conference:

"By far one of the best trainings I have ever been to. There are so many interesting topics to choose from that are applicable to all of our jobs."

"My interests of learning entail legislature, law enforcement best practices, and public policy/advocacy. This was my first opportunity to attend this conference, I anticipated learning and enjoying the information. I am happy to express that I left each session feeling motivated and very eager to present my newly obtained knowledge and resources to my coworkers. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of participation. I have heard only great things about this conference, I can certainly attest to those reports. Thank you for yet another great year!"

"All the speakers were well prepared and made the trainings interesting. In each training, I was able to take something back to put in my "tool box.""

"I love Andrea Raasch as a presenter. She is so knowledgeable and presents in a way that everyone can understand, even if not a therapist."

"All the speakers were excellent! I enjoyed each presentation I attended and have nothing to add but keep up the good work!"

"Myra Strand was fabulous. This topic is very relevant now and was different than the "typical topics" we see at conferences. All of the speakers were great and did a wonderful job changing from in person to virtual."

"Myra Strand had a wonderful presentation. She used lots of video clips and visuals, She was fun and had a great energy. Very well done!"

"Sessions were very good and speakers were excellent!"

"Matt Fowler was awesome! A lot of the other speakers were good, but especially when everything is virtual, they need to add more interactive things to the presentation. Video clips, pictures, etc. make it more interesting than just reading the power point slides."

"AMAZING. All speakers did a GREAT job!"

"They all did a great job! I was very impressed. Thank You!"

"All of the training's and trainers were amazing. I cannot wait for next year!"

"Every presenter was excellent and well prepared. My favorite session was: Trauma, Brain Development and Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) - Gillen. It was outstanding."

"This was a great conference! The sessions went smoothly and all of the speakers were engaging and the topics were very informative."